Sunday, 14 July 2013

Through the lens - hello you!

When I started the 'through the lens' theme, I planned to share photos of places rather than people. To inspire some wanderlust if you like. But I've been thinking lately about what makes a great photo. You can spend hours setting up the perfect angle, lightening and subject. But sometimes, a picture is brilliant because it's a shot that has perfectly capturing a moment, where you just happened to press the button at the right moment.

Now that Bobble is so wonderfully mobile, he gets a bit more of a say in the many moments that a camera is pointed in his direction. His interactions with the camera can produce some pretty funny shots, and occasionally, they capture his cheekiness and inquisitiveness perfectly. Lately I've been holding my camera down at his level, not looking through the lens and just shooting. The results have been mixed, but they definitely show him in a different light and angle.

This photo wasn't taken by me (duh, I'm in it!) and it wasn't taken in the way I've described above, but the theory is still the same. I love it. I love the closeness to the camera. I love the peering down the lens. And I love the fact that there's someone in the background loving the moment.

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