Saturday, 13 July 2013

Introducing Myakka - fairtrade furniture

An exciting delivery arrived at our house last week - Bobble's birthday present from his paternal grandparents, Granny and Grandad. A lovely little giraffe bookcase, made from solid monkey pod wood.

Luckily as Bobble is only 1, he didn't seem to notice that his present had arrived four months late. I'd almost given up hope that it was ever going to arrive, but when it did, it was well worth the wait.

If you're interested in buying this bookcase, look it up on the Myakka website.

As well as showing you this gorgeous present, I wanted to introduce you to Myakka, a fair trade furniture company that is rather popular in our house. There are several reasons to love Myakka furniture, here's my top 5 reasons:
  1. It's solid wood furniture. MDF and flat pack certainly has its place, but sometimes it's nice to take delivery of a piece of furniture and know that it will last, and that you won't need to fight with a million tiny screws and allen keys before you get to enjoy it. 
  2. It is very affordable. It's not flat pack Scandinavian cheap (naturally), but I think you get a lot of quality for your money.
  3. It is fair trade. Myakka work with a supplier in India to ensure fair and proper prices for everyone. Read more about it on their website.
  4. Sheesham Indian wood, along with Acacia, Mango and Monkey Pod is fast growing and sustainable.
  5. Their customer service is excellent. Yes, there was a big delay on this bookcase, but I didn't ever feel like they weren't eventually going to deliver the item - because they had my trust.
So if you're looking for some new furniture, why not take a look at their website. And what a bonus, they're currently having a summer sale!

This is not a sponsored post. All of our previous purchases, including this one, have been paid for and selected by me.



  1. Looks like he's getting a lot of pleasure from that - great way to encourage reading too :) Clever Granny and Grandad :)

  2. He does love it! Sometimes he will just take every book off the shelf and dump them on the floor, but mostly he likes to choose his bedtime story from it :-) and it looks super cute too!