Monday, 29 July 2013

Introducing Joolz Day - A great pushchair for tall parents

Before I tell you about why we went for the Joolz Day and why I love it, let me describe what we were looking for in a pushchair. In no particular order, this is what was on our must-have list.

Top features we wanted in a pushchair

  1. Carry cot and toddler seat - either two separate parts or something that would covert. I personally don't like seeing tiny babies in anything other than a lay flat carry cot, and for as long as possible.
  2. An easy fold. I wasn't fussed about being able to do it with one hand, I just wanted something easy.
  3. Solid and well built, balanced with a frame that isn't ridiculously heavy.
  4. A basket big enough to contain a rain cover, and preferably more.
  5. Adjustable handles that come up nice and high - we're both fairly tall (5ft 8 and almost 6ft).
  6. Not costing the earth - preferably under £500
  7. Tough enough to take on rougher terrains, not fully off road, but should be able to cope with grass and paths that aren't completely smooth.
  8. Ability to put a car seat on the frame.

Features that we weren't fussed about

Things that weren't important to me...
  1. Size. Our car is an estate, so while I obviously didn't want it to fill the car, it didn't have fold down really small either.
  2. Designer brand - quality is much more important that the 'right' name.
  3. Available in blue or pink or other crazy patterns and colours. Ugh. I hate this. Sorry! 

Late additions to the must-have features list

Funnily enough, after using a pushchair for the last 16 months, there are some things that I've come to realise are important, which weren't on my original list. I would definitely include these features on my must have list for any future purchases.
  1. A seat unit that faces both ways (i.e. parent and outward).
  2. A seat unit that has several positions including lay flat and fully upright.
  3. A good sized hood that offers good protection from the sun.
  4. 4 wheels rather than 3. When you hit a curb, a single wheel at the front often spins and puts itself in a sideways position, making it hard to get over the curb. 4 wheels just feels more stable.
  5. A high seat unit that enables you to use the pushchair as a highchair, and brings your baby nice and close to you when they're parent facing.
  6. A mattress in the carry cot suitable for overnight stays.

Taking the Joolz, and Bobble, for their first walk

Why did we choose the Joolz Day?

Ok, that's enough lists for now! So how did we end up buying the Joolz Day? It was quite a long process. After shopping around and reading lots of online reviews and watching online demos, we fancied the features and looks of the Bugaboo Cameleon and the iCandy Peach. But retailing at almost £1000 when you tot up the cost of all the kit, these were budget busting. For a while I was determined to buy one or the other second hand, but they both hold their values well and it seemed that we would be paying around £500 for something that was going to look 'well used'. I've no issues with buying second hand, but I drew the line at something that was going to look tatty and faded. Also, after another try of the Cameleon, I found that I really couldn't get the hang of the fold.

Then one day we came across the Joolz Day. Designed in The Netherlands (where the Bugaboo range comes from), it's USP was the 'DAY' - Designed Around You. In short, its design is ergonomic, with benefits for parent and baby.

These benefits are...
  • Very high adjustable handle - great for tall parents.
  • Very high position for the carry cot and baby seat - less bending down for you.
  • Suspension on all 4 wheels - extra comfort for your baby and easy pushing for you.
  • A centre of gravity that means the whole thing won't tip over with a large bag on the handle and no baby in the seat.

Why we fell in love with it

I loved the look of the Joolz Day, and in terms of all of my other 'wants' it pretty much ticked every box.
  • Carry cot and seat all included for one price.
  • Overnight mattress on the carry cot (no need to take the moses basket away on those early trips to see grandparents).
  • Big rear air-filled tyres making it extremely easy to push across a variety of terrains.
  • Easy fold and the ability to go fairly small and flat with the wheels off (even the carry cot collapses).
  • Compatible with Maxi Cosi car seats.

Money money money

Let me out!
Joolz is one of those brands where they don't like to display their prices online (so annoying! I don't understand this at all!) but all in (excluding accessories) expect to pay between £550 and £650. This was a little more than we were hoping to spend, but being a smart shopper, I managed to buy an ex display model via the eBay store of a nursery shop for £480. The seat unit hadn't even been taken out of its wrapper and everything else was good as new, complete with a full warranty.

Thoughts after using it for 16 months

Plenty of space for pram gymnastics
By now, I think I've given my Joolz a full road test, goodness knows how many times I've used it! I can safely say that I'm not going to stop using it and switch to a basic umbrella fold stroller as a lot of mummies do at this stage. When we've used one on holiday, we really miss the Joolz! However, there are some slightly less than perfect things that I would also like to point out:
  • My rain cover tore in several places after less than a year's use - Joolz have since replaced it for free.
  • The black frame does mark very easily. The scuffs (and they are these rather than scratches) can be rubbed off with a little elbow grease.
  • My rear tyres have suffered punctures on two occasions.
  • The seat unit is started to look a little faded where Bobble's legs sit.
  • I wouldn't buy from a shop not local to me again. It's been a pain where we've had issues with things such as the rain cover and an issue with locking the front wheels. Any money that we saved by buying online has probably been spent on petrol!
However, all in all, I would definitely recommend this puschair. I think it's a great compromise if you like the features and looks of the pricier Bugaboos and iCandys, but want to spend a lot less. I hope to get several more years of use from my Joolz Day.


Where can I buy it?

The mecca of baby shopping, Kiddicare, sells the Joolz Day instore, but not online. Visit the Joolz website to find a retailer local to you.

Now this little boy looks like one very satisfied fan of the Joolz Day!

Disclaimer: As ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own and no money has exchanged hands in return for the writing of this post.


  1. Nosotros tenemos el joolz day y estamos encantados. Lo compramos online en crioh tard√≥ 24 h en tenerlo en casa y nos costo 880€ con todo… estructura, capazo, sillita, baby safe, burbuja impermeable, bolso, saquito para el carro, bolso inferior y sombrilla, vamos un completo!! Os dejo el enlace del montaje de nuestro Joolz cuando nos lleg√≥

  2. Thank you for your comment. I'm afraid my Spanish isn't great (I had to use an online translation tool to read your comment!) but I'm pleased that you've found the Joolz to be as great as I have!

  3. Hi Katherine! Did You try to erase scratches from the frame ? I've got a black frame, and have a plenty of scratches, even on the frame of Carry cot. I Thinked about some pen, paint or something... any ideas?


    1. Hi Luke

      I found that a simple rubber eraser works quite well for removing the marks. I used to use one quite regularly on the carry cot when I noticed the marks, which appeared almost as soon as we started using it! I must admit that I soon gave up and 3 years down the line it's now enjoying a very 'lived in' look! I've also heard people say that Magic Eraser sponges work well too.

      Hope one of these options works for you :-)

    2. thx for reply :D, I also noticed that the carry cot, frame of it, is very easy to scratch. The worst part is those scratches due to bad paint. I can even remove this dark paint from the frame using my nail :O

      But apart of this, jool'z pushchair is great! :D