Sunday, 23 June 2013

The mega bib

It's been a while since I posted as, lucky old us, we've been away on holiday. More about that, and lots of tip sharing in future posts.

In the meantime, I wanted to share one of my ultimate, best-ever, do-not-look-any-further baby shopping tips - the bib to end all bibs!

It's called the Ultrabib and is made by Bibetta. Frankly, if you're not sold on simply the name of the bib and the company that makes it, then I doubt I'm ever going to win you over!

Bobble demonstrating the Ultrabib in action

Bibs? Kinda boring topic isn't it? Why is it important to buy a good one?

Since the good old days (aka when we were all babies) bibs have changed from uncomfortable plastic 'pelican' bibs, to something more comfortable, and that little bit more stylish. Many have sprouted sleeves, and most have become more stylish. Hard plastic is out too, and replaced with something a little softer. The style factor, I can leave or take as ultimately this garment is only going to get plastered in food. But practicality in the form of sleeves? Love that. And a comfortable baby nearly always equals a happy baby.

During weaning food goes everywhere, and not just in a small circle below the baby's chin so bigger is definitely better in the case of bibs. Food stains are not cool, especially when adorning an outfit that you took great pride in dressing your baby in that morning.

Another element of the food-going-everywhere scenario is that with 3 meals a day to get through, that's a lot of bibs. And yet more washing for the ever growing pile.

You get the picture, there are a few important things going on here:

  1. Cover up your baby's clothes and therefore prevent major food staining.
  2. Don't add to the growing pile of things to wash.
  3. Ensure your baby is comfortable.

So yes, while they're not as exciting as a toy or a cute outfit, I think that buying the right bib can Make Your Life Easier.

So why buy the Ultrabib and not something else?

  1. It's made of neoprene (sleeves are splashproof nylon) making washing it a dream as it dries almost instantly and doesn't stain at all. Many shops offer plastic backed cotton bibs with sleeves but trust me, these are not as good. They stain after 1 meal and will need washing constantly.
  2. It fits babies from 6 months to 3.5 years - elasticated sleeves help for when your baby's arms are shorter.
  3. It's soft and comfortable against your baby's skin.
  4. It has a fold out pocket at the bottom for catching food if you have a really mucky pup - and who doesn't!
  5. It covers the whole of their top half beautifully.
  6. It comes in three colours. I wish that two of them weren't the dreaded pink or blue, but at least green is an option!


Yes, the price. At £8.99 this is expensive compared to other bibs. But in my opinion, other bibs are cheap imitations. I know because I tried them. Buy two Ultrabibs and you have one to wash and one to wear.

Where can I buy one?

I bought mine from Kiddicare.

Last words

This isn't a sponsored post. I bought these bibs through personal choice and have not received any compensation for this review.

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