Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Top tip - Beating the dribble

Today's post is a slobbery and wet one. No, I'm not talking about kissing, I'm talking about dribbling. Specifically baby dribble. Anyone who has observed young babies usually comes to the conclusion that for most of the time, they are either leaking from their nose or their mouth. Lovely. Bobble was no different and so far seems have suffered from back-to-back colds in winter and regular dribbling since he was about 3 months old. Colds I can't help with, but dribble I can. Well I can't stop it (apparently it's because swallowing excess saliva caused by teething isn't a skill they're born with) but I can make them look a little cuter.

The answer is dribble bibs, bandanna style ones. What's so special about these? Well firstly they're a little more stylish than regular bibs. And secondly, they're designed to cope with dribble rather than food or drink spills - they sit much higher up to catch the dribble direct from the source! The best ones are fleece-backed, which stops the dribble soaking right through to their clothes.

Before Bobble came along, I hadn't really seen bandanna bibs around that much, but now they seem to be everywhere from Tesco to Next, and all the other shops selling baby clothes. When it came to buying some bibs for Bobble, I asked around for the best place to buy them and one place came up time and time again - Funky Giraffe.

Here's why I love Funky Giraffe dribble bibs:

  • there are loads and loads of different designs to choose from - with new ones being added all the time
  • they have poppers on them, which are much harder for babies to remove than a Velcro fastening (Velcro is a nightmare in the washing machine as it sticks to everything)
  • they are fleece backed
  • the more you buy, the cheaper they are - giving you an excuse to buy one for every outfit!
  • Bobble looks incredibly cute wearing them.
I'll be doing a longer post about this topic later on, but I'd definitely include some dribble bibs in a present for a newborn. The parents will find them much more useful than a soft toy or a pair of booties!

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