Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Days out - Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo

Eye spy
We recently enjoyed a lovely, if rather chilly week in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Arctic winds seemed determined to blast us for most of the week, but at the end we had a good couple of days where you started to believe that spring might actually happen at some point before July!

We made the most of less freezing weather and on one day visited the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo. We had planned to take Bobble to a zoo to celebrate his first birthday, but once again the weather wasn't on our side. So this was his first experience of wildlife at close quarters. He's not a particularly loud baby, and (like all babies) has a healthy nosiness, so looking at butterflies seemed like the perfect thing for him. The other thing that appealed to be as an obsessive photo-taker, was the opportunity for getting lots of snaps.
The butterflies were beautiful and just went about their business as we snapped away. But best of all, the zoo was heated to a lovely and very balmy 26c, enabling us all to have a good defrost!

At the same site, there is also a fab maze and a 12 hold mini golf course.

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Why not pay a visit to your local butterfly zoo?
Butterfly zoos are generally cheaper than regular zoos, plus they're indoors (good news for our rubbish English climate) and they're usually open all year round, making them the ideal day out for any time of year.

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